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by Kate Asles


friends: how can u still wear black, its summer



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True shippers never abandon ship.
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i’m gonna get to school and be like wow the only thing i have to say about this summer is i really ship Emison and also youtubers got mainstream and i’m not sure i like it tbh


looking at the emison tag for the 17th time today: a life story


EZRIA: Ariel (It works as a combination of Aria and Ella) and Aaron (Aria+Byron).

EMISON: Yes, they have 5 childrens. Emily grew up as an only child, she wants her children to have brothers and sisters with whom to share life. Alison also grew alone, despite having a brother she never had a good communication with him, so they inculcate their children respect and love.

•Carla: her name is in honor of Carla Grunwald.
•Amely and Kenneth: (they are twins). The name “Amely” (or Amelie) was chosen for its resemblance to “Emily”, besides having some implicit Alison. “Kenneth” is in honor of Alison’s father.
•Pam: is in honor of Emily’s mom.
•Wayne: is in honor of Emily’s dad. Oh! Waine love cats, like really. Cat’s name is Charlotte.

HALEB: Ashley (in honor of Hanna’s mom) and Caleb (It’s a popular name in the Rivers family)

SPOBY: Marion (in honor of Toby’s mom) and Tony (just because it’s like Toby)

PD: Yes, I was bored, really, really bored. 


EZRIA: Ariel (funciona como combinación de Aria y Ella) y Aaron (Aria y Byron).

EMISON: Sí, tienen 5. Emily es hija única, así que ella quería que sus hijos tuvieran hermanos con los cuales compartir la vida. Alison también creció sola, a pesar de tener un hermano ella nunca tuvo una buena comunicación con él. Así que ellas les inculcan respeto y amor a sus hijos. 

•Carla: fue nombrada así en honor a Carla Grundwald. 
•Amely y Kenneth: Son “cuates” (gemelos no idénticos). El nombre “Amely” fue elegido debido a su parecido con “Emily”, además de tener implícito algo de Alison. “Kenneth” es en honor al papá de Ali.
•Pam: en honor a la mamá de Emily.
•Wayne: en honor al papá de Emily. Por cierto, a Wayne le encantan los gatos, el suyo se llama Charlotte.

HALEB: Ashley (en honor a la mamá de Hanna) y Caleb (es un nombre popular en la familia Rivers). 

SPOBY: Marion (en honor a la mamá de Toby) y Tony (Sólo porque es parecido a Toby)

PD: ¡Sí! Estaba muy aburrida…. muy, muy, muy aburrida.




asking for straight pride is like asking for able bodied parking spaces

thats a really good comparison because there are about seventy able bodied parking spaces to one disabled and able bodied people still insist on using the ones that arent theirs

this is seriously a great post 

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it’s so dumb that piercings and tattoos can impact your ability to find a job. employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or level of punk-rockness

If you were about to have a surgery done, would you feel comfortable if she/he had gages and tattoos all over their face?

I mean presumably they went to medical school I literally would not give a single shit what they decided to put on their face

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dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me




Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM 

I wanna know my followers <3

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